Spectra Dew 350 Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Spectra Dew 350 Double Electric Breast Pump Review

This cute little pump looks like a friendly character from Star Wars. You can choose between pink or blue (wish they had something for team green, though!). Looks aside, this pump is very effective and very simple to use.

spectra dew 350 breast pump review

I prefer breast pumps that allow you to adjust suction speed and strength separately. However, this pump has a single dial so as speed decreases, strength increases (to mimic the longer, slower sucks of your baby as they drink milk once letdown has occurred). Operating the pump is very simple so it is great for those who are new to pumping. Due to the simplicity of the settings I recommend this for more infrequent pumping and not for those who will pump multiple times a day either due to work or exclusive pumping.

Typically, pumps with a single adjustment for speed and suction strength have a preset letdown function. This pump does not have a preset letdown function, so this means a bit of extra work adjusting the dial to first stimulate letdown and re-adjusting it to then express milk. This is another reason I do not believe this is the best pump for moms who will pump frequently.

What’s in the box?

The Spectra Dew 350 comes with everything you need to double pump, transport expressed milk (thanks to the cooler bag with ice packs) and feed baby (it comes with one nipple/teat and a total of 6 milk collection bottles)

  • Spectra Dew breast pump motor
  • 2 pieces of tubing
  • 2 anti-backflow filters
  • 2 pieces of filter tubing
  • 2 breast flanges
  • 2 valve heads
  • 2 membranes
  • 6 milk collection bottles with lids (5oz/ 160mL size)
  • 1 nipple/ teat for feeding
  • 1 Bottle stand
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 tote bag x 1
  • 1 cooler bag with freezer packs (can fit inside tote with breast pump and accessories)
  • Instruction manual

Spectra Dew 350  Double Electric Breast Pump Pros:

  • Quiet – it didn’t look like it was going to be super quiet, but it is!
  • Has a built in handle to move it around – which you’ll need since this baby weighs 4 pounds!
  • Inexpensive – yes, this pump costs over $100, but, it is a hospital grade pump with very effective suction. So, when you consider sterility and efficacy, it is a good deal.
  • Comes with accessories and extra bottles – This is another reason I would say this pump is a good value. It comes with a total of 6 milk collection bottles, a cooler bag, and a tote bag, so you have everything you need.
  • Closed system – milk cannot enter the tubing (and thus the motor) so it is hygienic and easy to clean. This means it is safe to lend to someone else or resell the pump.
  • Can use as a single pump if needed – a typical feature in double electric pumps, but convenient nonetheless

Spectra Dew 350  Double Electric Breast Pump Cons:

  • No present letdown function – this seems like a strange omission and could make it much harder for some moms to use this pump because it might be more difficult to stimulate the milk ejection reflex.
  • Cannot adjust speed and suction strength separately – this is always a sticking point for me. I prefer pumps that allow you to adjust these two separately so you can mimic exactly how your baby nurses.
  • Heavy – this pump doesn’t look it, but it weighs 4 pounds, so it is not the easiest to tote back and forth to work, travel with, etc.
  • No battery option – can only pump when plugged into a power source.

Should you buy the Spectra Dew 350  Double Electric Breast Pump?

Overall, I really like Spectra products, but as a working pump who pumps multiple times a day, this pump disappoints me a bit. It is a bit bulky and heavy. It doesn’t have a preset letdown function. It cannot operate on battery power.

I would not recommend this pump for heavy daily use because other pumps, such as the Ameda Purely Yours or the Spectra S1, have much better features in only a slightly higher price range. The biggest benefit I see is that it is effective and inexpensive for a hospital-grade closed system pump so it is just right for infrequent pumpers.

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