Pumping on the Go

breast pump on the go

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As a breastfeeding and working mom, I did my share of pumping so my son could be exclusively breastfed. I returned to work when he was three months old, so pumping was a must. While most of my pumping was done in the office, I also had to pump in some odd places due to meetings and personal appointments.

breast pump on the go

In no particular order, here are a few random spots where I proudly wielded a breast pump…

1. In the co-ed sitting area outside the bathrooms in a Michelin-starred restaurant. I didn’t want to pump at the table but I also didn’t want to pump inside the bathroom. I got to sit on a lovely blue velvet bench and nobody bothered me. I wore a nursing apron and did a quick session with my favorite manual pump.

2. On a high-speed train. I unplugged my laptop and plugged in my double electric pump. Once again, I pumped under a nursing cover… the sound of the train drowned out any noise from my pump so other passengers were none the wiser.
3. On a sailboat. We were going out all day so pumping was a must. Unfortunately, at the end of the day I dumped most of the milk because it was super warm out and I neglected to bring my cooler bag. I always remembered it after that!
4. At the movies. This was slightly challenging because it was dark! My son was probably about four months old at the time and since he was usually feeding every 2 to 2.5 hours, I had to pump while we were out. I didn’t have the highest yield from that session but it prevented engorgement and allowed me to not worry about my supply. I used a simple 1-piece pump (since it is totally silent) and then poured the milk into a storage bottle.
Pumping On the Go

I know these aren’t the wackiest of places, but I hope the fact I pumped in a variety of public spaces encourages you to do the same so you can keep on pumping that liquid gold! My biggest tip is just go for it… did I feel awkward pumping on a train? Yes – but the truth is no one was paying attention. My other tip is to be prepared – pack your pump bag carefully so you have everything you need while you’re away from the places you usually pump.

What are some odd spots where you’ve pumped? Share in the comments below!

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