Nuk Expressive Manual Breast Pump Review

nuk expressive manual breast pump review

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Nuk Expressive Manual Breast Pump Review

 The Nuk Expressive pump is said to be very comfortable. However, I found the bump/ridge texture of the flange a bit less comfortable than the Philips Avent “petal” silicone flange, but maybe that is my personal preference. I also found the plastic handle a bit less comfortable to squeeze than other pumps – it tired my hand out more quickly because of the angle and size.

What’s in the box?

The Nuk Expressive manual pump includes everything you need to express milk and feed baby since it comes with a newborn flow nipple/teat.

  • 1 breast pump unit (this piece includes the flange, and connects to the pump handle & membrane, as well as the valve and milk collection bottle)
  • 1 pump handle/ lever and 1 pump rod
  • 1 flange/ breastshield with 1 silicone flange cushion
  • 1 Valve and 1 membrane
  • 1 breastmilk collection bottle (5oz/ 160mL size)
  • 1 silicone nipple/teat  (size 1 slow flow) with collar, cap and seal disk for storage
  • Instruction manual

Nuk Expressive Manual Breast Pump Pros:

  • Comfortable – the silicone flange sits comfortably on your breast and is softer than hard plastic, however I personally find silicone flanges from other brands like Philips Avent more comfortable
  • Pretty easy to assemble and not a lot of small parts – with the exception of the pump rod, which is both small and brittle. (the pump rod connects the lever to the silicone suction piece)
  • Good price – usually a few dollars cheaper than other manual pumps from well known brands
  • Comes with a nipple/teat – so you have everything you need to feed baby expressed milk from milk collection bottle

nuk manual breast pump reviewNuk Expressive Manual Breast Pump Cons:

  • The pump rod is small and brittle – I was constantly afraid I would lose it or break it
  • The texture of the silicone flange is a bit rough – I find it less comfortable for me than other pumps with silicone flanges
  • Only one size breast flange available – may not fit all women

Should you buy the Nuk Expressive Manual Breast Pump?

Overall I recommend this pump if you will use it infrequently and you aren’t already using a Philips or Medela electric pump (in which case you should purchase the compatible manual pump from the same brand). Since the pump comes with a nipple you can pump and feed your baby directly from the milk collection bottle, which makes it very convenient. It represents a good value, just take care with the pump rod – it is difficult to replace if you lose or break it.

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