Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump Review

Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump Review

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Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump Review

dr brown's manual breast pump reviewThis pump is somewhat different from others because the breast flange is a very soft cup that forms to your breast to provide a gentle pumping sensation. (It is the same technology as the flanges that were used on the Dr. Brown’s Double Electric Pump, which has since been discontinued by the manufacturer).

The pump is indeed comfortable to use but I found it difficult to do breast compressions or massage without breaking the suction. There are also a lot of parts relative to other manual pumps so it struck me as unnecessarily complicated. Since I consider a manual breast pump something to be used on the go or when you need to quickly express milk, the Dr. Brown’s manual pump felt like too much of a hassle for me. However, it would be good for someone pumping at home or when they aren’t in a rush.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 manual breast pump handle
  • 1 cap, which attaches to the breast pump handle and to the diaphragm
  • 1 diaphragm, which attaches to the breast pump body to create suction
  • 1 pump body (a single piece that includes the breast flange and places to connect the diaphragm and valve as well as the milk collection bottle)
  • 1 valve
  • 1 soft breast cup (inserted into flange for pumping)
  • 1 4 oz./120mL milk collection bottle with lid
  • 1 adaptor for wide neck bottles
  • Instruction manual

Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump Pros:

  • Very comfortable – the breast flange is very comfortable and the pump is ergonomic and comfortable to squeeze with your hand. 
  • Compatibility – compatible with Dr. Brown’s bottles – it comes with an adaptor so it is compatible with wide-neck and original bottles. Also compatible with the Dr. Brown’s electric pump (but do note, the electric pump has been discontinued)

Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump Cons:

  • Only one size flange – will not fit all women comfortably
  • Difficult to assemble – takes more time to fit the pieces together than other pumps, same goes for disassembly 
  • Difficult to do any breast massage or compressions while pumping – The unique comfort flange is soft but breast massage or compressions break the suction
  • Weaker feeling suction – the pump is designed for comfort and gentle milk expression. For some, the suction is simply too low and milk expression is very difficult. I personally found milk expression with this pump very slow because suction was not as strong as other manual pumps.

Should you buy the Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump?

If you use average size flanges this pump will fit you and it might be worth consideration. However, other pumps offer better suction. I also think the difficulty to assemble and disassemble makes the Philips Avent Comfort Manual Pump a better choice, though. Of course, if you are using the Dr. Brown’s electric pump, that this manual pump is a good choice since parts will be compatible.

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