7 Things to Consider When Buying a Breast Pump

buying a breast pump

Shopping for a Breast Pump

When you are shopping for a breast pump there are a lot of things to consider. There are the typical things to think about, like price, but there are other considerations so you can select the pump that is most suited to your needs.

Key Considerations for a Breast Pump Purchase

things to consider when buying a breast pump1. Is it portable? Can I move it easily around the house? Can I easily carry this pump back and forth to work? Can I carry this if I need to pump while out running errands?

2. Is it easy to clean? Some pumps are harder to clean than others or have more small parts. Since you’ll be washing the parts each time you use the pump, you want a pump that is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to clean.

3. Is it noisy? Most electric pumps come with a bit of noise due to the motor. If you will be pumping often around your sleeping baby or in a public setting, consider the noise level to make sure you are comfortable.

4. Is it comfortable to use? Check the flange sizes, flange material, tube length, etc. I prefer pumps with silicone flanges because they are more comfortable on my breast. If it is an electric pump, I make sure the tubing will be long enough so I can sit or stand comfortably while pumping. Also for manual pumps, check if it is comfortable and ergonomic to hold.

philips avent manual breast pump

5. Easy to use? This is another key factor. Is it simple to operate? Are the settings complicated or easy to figure out? Can you assemble it easily?

6. Does it have any special features to making pumping easier? Many electric pumps and even some manual pumps have a letdown function that helps you stimulate your milk flow more quickly. This is a very nice feature to have! Some pumps also have a timer or digital display so you can keep track of your pumping session.

7. Is it easy to get replacement parts/ is there a warranty if it breaks? Most pumps come with a limited warranty but customer service varies a lot between brands. Medela, for example, is known for their extra customer service.

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