Breast Pump Reviews – Overview

breast pump reviews

It’s natural to be confused by the wide variety of double electric breast pumps, single electric breast pumps, and manual pumps on the market. Which one is best for you? Click below to learn more and read detailed reviews of pumps in each category.

double electric breast pump


Double Electric Breast PumpsThis is the most efficient option because you can express milk from both breasts at the same time. It is the best breast pump for working moms who will pump frequently. Also the best option for exclusive pumpers or moms of twins.

single electric breast pump

Single Electric Breast PumpsVery handy for women who will express infrequently and will not need to replace many direct breastfeeding sessions with expressed milk. Can also be more convenient when traveling than a double electric pump, but expressing a lot of milk will take longer with a single electric pump than a double pump since you can only express from one breast at a time.

manual breast pumpManual Breast PumpsI think every breastfeeding woman should have a manual pump, often in addition to an electric pump. Manual pumps are so convenient – they are extremely small, extremely quiet, and extremely easy to use. I did not expect to use one very often, but I proved myself wrong and still rely on it heavily. I prefer it over single electric pumps because you are in complete control of the pump speed and this allows you to express milk quickly once letdown is stimulated.