Ameda Manual Breast Pump Review

Ameda Manual Breast Pump Review

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Ameda Manual Breast Pump Review

This pump disappointed me! Flimsy, hard to assemble, fragile, and most importantly, really uncomfortable to use! It claims to have an ‘ergonomic swivel’ but that doesn’t address the fact that you must grip the pump as if you are holding a bottle. With most other manual pumps a few different hand positions will work and you can squeeze comfortably by pinching the handle between your thumb and fingers.

Plus, they advertise the special ‘one hand’ design. All manual pumps are designed for use with one hand! However, there are many reasons you will need two hands, including when the hand you are pumping with gets tired. I often need to use both hands on my manual pump, sometimes both at once, if I’ve been pumping for a while. Due to this Ameda pump’s design, you cannot easily use both hands so it is really frustrating.

I use the Ameda Double Electric Pump so I bought this for compatibility. Yes, the milk collection bottles are compatible but the two pumps use different valves so I didn’t really see the point.

What’s in the box?ameda manual breast pump review

  • 1 green manual breast pump (the part you squeeze with your hand)
  • 1 white piston (attaches to the part you squeeze and creates suction in pump body)
  • 1 pump body with 25mm breast flange
  • 2 valves
  • 1 4 oz./120mL milk collection bottle with lid
  • Instruction manual

Ameda Manual Breast Pump Pros:

I am hard pressed to come up with a single positive for this pump. The only thing I can say is that it does work and I could express milk with it, just it was uncomfortable and annoying to use.

  • Various flange sizes – the full range of Ameda flange sizes is available to use with the pump so a comfortable fit is possible for almost everyone
  • Milk collection options – in addition to pumping into a milk collection bottle, you can also pump directly into an Ameda milk storage bag using their “Store’N Pour’ system

Ameda Manual Breast Pump Cons:

  • Very uncomfortable to squeeze – can only hold it in one hand position so if your hand tires you have no option to adjust how you are holding the pump
  • Not intuitive to assemble and very fragile
  • Not 100% compatible with the electric pump – the manual pump uses a different valve so if I wanted to use it at the office where my electric pump was stored, I had to be sure to bring the entire manual assembly with me.
  • Plastic breast flange is not the most comfortable – not a deal breaker and many women prefer the straightforward plastic flange, but I would pick a silicone flange over plastic if I had the option.

Ameda Manual Breast Pump Review
Should you buy the Ameda Manual Breast Pump?

I do not recommend this pump. I am sure there are women who find it comfortable and easy to use, but I find it much less user friendly or comfortable than virtually all other name-brand manual pumps. To me, it is not worth the investment even if you already use an Ameda electric pump system. Instead, I recommend the Philips or Medela manual pumps.

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