About Breast Pump Expert

breast pump expert

Hello! Welcome to Breast Pump Expert.

Let’s face it, breastfeeding can be really hard! A good breast pump can help most moms and is essential for anyone who will spend extended periods away from their little nurslings.

I might be a unique case, but I was pretty intimidated by the options when I set out to buy my first breast pump. I ultimately went through quite a few pumps before I found what worked for me.

I’ve created this site to help moms like me set themselves up for success in breastfeeding by selecting the best breast pump for their needs. My emphasis is on breast pumps for working moms because I work full time and express milk in the office each day.

Please take a look around my site. I’m always adding additional reviews or updating information as new pumps are launched. Contact me if you have any additional questions!

All the best,